Dragon Heist – Session #3

The group had just defeated the duergar and interrogated Krentz the bandit. After a short rest, it was now time to continue investigating the hidehout to rescue Floon.

NOTE: This session involves some nonexistent strategic planning and some ridiculously risky and desperate combat moves. If you like stories of adventurers outsmarting their foes in a creative and coordinated way, you should stop reading right now. On the other hand, if you like to see how players can mess up a boss fight and try their best not to die at level 1, you’re welcome to continue reading.


The group had two options. They learnt that the left door had been worked on to prevent something weird and potentially dangerous from leaking out. They had also learnt that someone looking like Floon had been taken further away in the hideout via the right door. What should they do? The answer was simple: look at both options at the same time.

Sev went investigating beyond the right door. It opened on a corridor about 35 feet long, leading to a staircase going up. Xana was following with the usual safety distance. Meanwhile Morgran was very curious and opened the left door and…

Hello! It’s me, the creepy gray ooze from behing the door coming to kill you!

Morgran decided to step back and retreat just behind the other door, waiting for this viscous creature. He got in position to smash the thing do death as soon as it would make it to the door. He waited 18 longs seconds (the monster has a speed of 10 feet…).

How NOT to engage a boss fight

During those 18 seconds, Sev went up the stairs. It led to a bigger room with many worth-noticing elements. Fortunately (or not), Sev had a good look. On the floor further away was a body lying on the ground looking like Floon. Next to him stood an Orc, facing a platform at the end of the room. On this platform sat a nightmarish creature wearing black robes. It had large white eyes and rubbery purple skin, with four tentacles encircling its inhuman mouth… and it was caressing its brain-cat.

I was not expecting any guest…

Sev had a good look indeed, but so did the monster. The creature pointed at Sev and the orc turned around. At that same moment, the gray ooze was showing up through the doorframe. Assaulted from both sides, and without Renaer’s help, the future of the party was slightly compromised.

Ooze meets fire

The creature (all right, the mindflayer…) dropped its brain-cat to the floor and started running towards a side escape. Xana was the quickest to react. She entered the room and immediately turned left on a room which happened to be empty with no issue. The orc was running towards her. Sev got his shit together and decided to drop back towards Morgran to help defeating the slimy creature.

At this moment, the orc appeared in front of Xana. Seeing Sev running down the stairs, the orc took a pause, before deciding to to hunt down the young rogue. At this point Morgran had engaged the ooze. This mean that both Sev and Morgran were now trapped between the ooze and the orc. Seeing all this mess, the orc decided to fire…

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 23.13.53
The party’s position when the orc decided to go with burning hands…

In one moment, the corridor’s temperature went up tremendously. The nimble Sev managed to duck out of the way and avoided most of the fire damage. Morgran, still engaged with the ooze were not so lucky… he got knocked unconscious. Fortunately, the ooze standing behind him was reduced to ashes by the same token!

Inspiring artwork of Sev dodging the fire. Keep them coming Ray!

Meanwhile, Xana was face to face with the brain-cat (a.k.a Intellect Devourer). She estimated her chances in a one-to-one combat against the creature and soon decided to rush back towards the rest of the (barbecued) party.

One more time, Sev had to save the day. Standing between Morgran’s body and the orc, the young Sev listened to his instinct and tried the dagger-in-the-chin uppercut one more time, adding a special “aria vs white-king” effect. Sev rolled his attack and … the dagger gloriously connected with the orc exposed head, killing him in one neat blow.

Xana (almost) loses her mind

The fight was far from being over. Sev ran towards Morgran and managed to find the one health potion that Morgran was keeping in his backpack. As Morgran was coming back to life, Xana appeared down the stairs. The creature behind her knocked her unconscious and made an attempts at infiltrating her mind…

The brain-cat in all its ugliness.

At this moment Xana had to roll an intelligence contest versus the intellect devourer. On a fail, she would… pretty much have to re-roll a new character. Xana went ahead and rolled a 6 (-1). Silence. The intellect devourer rolled a 2. Xana was still alive.

The intellect devourer was coming for a second attempt at Xana’s life. Morgran, freshly revived, charged and took out a big chunk of the brain. Together with Sev, they managed to kill the creature. Silence in the room again. By some miracle, the group was out of danger!

Volo’s reward

The party found out an exhausted Floon (standing with 1HP). Without darkvision, Floon had only one idea in mind: get out of here as soon as possible. Sev started to proceed at looting the place, but Morgran, in an attempt to calm down Floon, messed up (NAT 1!) and turned him into complete panic mode. So everybody started to go back from where they came. Honourable mention for this last goblin guard who managed to dodge three attacks before being reduced to pieces by the tired adventurers. You fought well.

Back to the Yawning Portal, Volo met the party with great pleasure. He confessed that he was running a bit short on money. Instead of paying the adventurers with the promised 100gp each, he offered another kind of reward… the deed of property for a historical manor in Trollskull Alley!

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