Dragon Heist – Session #2

Renaer was rescued from the Zhentarim kidnapping, but another group has taken Floon away, most likely mistaking Floon for Renaer.  Time to track down Floon in the sewers of Waterdeep.

Renaer the DMPC offers his unwanted help

Renaer Neveremember offered his help to assist the party in the sewers to find out what had happened to Floon. The party told him that he should rather take it easy, stay home and let the real heroes do the job. “You can’t even see in the dark and it would be too easy to spot us if we go down their with a lantern.” And most importantly, “we don’t like DMPCs”, said Xana out of game.

Sneaking into the sewers

Still in the Dock ward, the group went to a side alley and found a circular metal cover leading to the sewers. They took extreme precautions to be sure nobody would see them entering the sewers (why? I don’t know, but it seemed important!). Xana turned a rat into a scout for an exploration mission. The rat understood the first bit of the mission (go down) but unfortunately it never came back. Sev did his special illusionary box trick one more time to cover the entry while everybody went down.

Exploring the sewers of Waterdeep…

A mysterious tavern basement

Soon enough they noticed yellow signs at the intersections, signs that were to lead them to the Xanathar hideout, and hopefully to Floon. After about an hour wandering around the sewers, the group spotted a ladder going up, leading to the basement of a tavern. Sev carefully entered the room, rolled a 1 on his stealth check and spilled a full barrel of ale on the ground. The noise alerted the staff members which started to rush downstairs. Sev retreated and sent Morgran to take the mission over. Morgran went up and started climbing the stairs leading to the first floor of the tavern, before rolling another 1! He fell down on his butt and was almost caught by guards rushing in the basement.

Gazer-5e (1)
This guy tried his best to scare off the group, unsuccessfully.

Everything was under control until it wasn’t

Following more yellow signs, the group found out a not-so-secret-and-not-even-locked entrance. They obliterated the goblin guard in his sleep. This poor goblin (RIP) was asleep, facing 3 foe and deprived of any weapon, as Sev carefully disposed of the scimitar. Sev continued to lead the way room after room, working in close cooperation with Xana. “Go, count to 15, come back and report!”. Rather efficient until Sev rolled a 1 (again?!) while trying to open a door… and now things got wild.

A shadowy dwarf rushed to the door entrance and charged with his war pick. In the blink of an eye, he became MASSIVELY HUGE! He swung his weapon at Morgran (level 1, 9 HP) and… CRITICAL HIT for 2d8+2 damage on the poor dwarf (behind the screen I rolled an 8 on the first damage roll and Morgran was 2HP away from being insta-killed). Meanwhile Renaer is still home watching Netflix…

That’s a CRIT, bitches!

Time for Sev to make a choice

At this point, Morgran was down, the duergar was badly injured and Sev was faced with a critical decision:

  • Option #1: Disengage, run for his life and abandon Morgran to a sad fate (and lose a friend out of game, but that’s OK).
  • Option #2: Attack and try to kill the big bad dwarf. On a hit, you save the day. On a fail, you’re going to be butchered a few seconds later.

After a pause to the bathroom, Sev went for it and managed to uppercut-style plant his dagger into the duergar’s head, right down the chin. Clean, efficient, HEROIC!

Xana’s interrogation

Behind the duergar was a human bandit going by the name of Krentz. This guy decided to surrender after seeing what Sev did to his big friend. Xana led an interrogation and Krentz told them a few interesting things. First, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR ON THE LEFT! Something dangerous is hiding behind it (remember that). Second, someone matching the description of Floon has been seen with an Orc and taken further away within the hideout. Krentz then managed to miraculously retreat and escape after begging for his life.

Morgran’s revenge

Two hours later, Morgran woke up from his trauma and took his revenge by drawing a fairly well designed (rolled a 14 on a DEX (medicine) check) penis on the duergar’s forehead (because why not). Everybody took a well-deserved short rest.

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