Flash thinking

I recently decided that I wanted to become better at expressing my ideas and inner thoughts. Yesterday night I was lying on my bed trying to fall asleep when I got an idea: the next time I would come across a topic or question that suddenly interests me, I would spend a few minutes thinking about it and then record myself immediately in a short video.

I was so excited by the idea that I woke up to do a video about this very idea (hehe!), which was a funny way to start the series. The idea of  calling this series Flash thinking came from rock-climbing: completing a rock-climbing project flash means to successful climb it to the top during the first try. Flashing a problem is very satisfying. It proves that my general climbing training and skills allows me to tackle new individual problems.

The rules for those Flash thinking videos are simple:

  • Record the moment
  • No notes, no script
  • One take

Of course, as in rock-climbing, I don’t expect to flash every problem. I learn by failing. And even if you flash a problem, you can always try to do it better the next time. So I intend to make additional research and follow-up writings or videos on topics that really interest me.


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